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Welcome to the website for the Trefann Court Residents Association. As a group, the Trefann Court Association hasn’t been active for several years, but it can re-activate anytime local residents are interested. This website is maintained as a historic record … Continue reading

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Five? years to construct Sumach bike lane ?

A contra-flow bike lane on Sumach is a good idea. Currently, the only routes in the area for north-bound cycling from King to Queen are on River, Parliament, or Power (where it is difficult to cross fast-moving traffic on Adelaide … Continue reading

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protected bike lane on Shuter

Sometime in 2020, “the City will carry out much needed road reconstruction on Shuter St, between Sherbourne and River St: removing and replacing the asphalt surface and road base, and some sections of curb and sidewalk. Existing bike lanes will be … Continue reading

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website cleanup

Likely no one noticed, but the WordPress “theme” for this site “broke” 3 months ago; I finally managed to fix it. At the same time, I scanned the site for broken links and fixed a few of them. Although some … Continue reading

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Contaminated soil in Regent Park

The Regent Park Athletic Fields were not part of the original plan for Regent Park redevelopment – the city’s plan published in 2004 showed new apartment buildings on this site (see image: page 10 of presentation, or view complete document … Continue reading

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Shuter St history

The map on the left is a reproduction from the 1858 book “The hand-book of Toronto“. It shows North Park St, running from Sumach to 1 block west of Berkeley. (Also this map shows a street called Sidenham, located just … Continue reading

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Queen River Secondary Plan

The city’s 2002 Official Plan identifies this area as “regeneration”. No other planning guidelines exist, so a detailed secondary plan is a good thing for neighbourhood, to better ensure new developments are compatible (otherwise, without any detailed city planning guidelines, … Continue reading

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school re-opens

After 2 years of renovations (and $8 million over budget), Nelson Mandela Park Public School finally reopened March 19, 2013. The school’s official opening was June 10, 2013; no one from the community was invited (although we endured 2 years … Continue reading

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TDSB flaunts tree protection (just like TCHC)

How tree protection works, as practised by TDSB Day 1: start excavation without putting protective fence around base of healthy tree which would delimit root area where soil shouldn’t be disturbed. Citizen complaint made on day 1 at 9am by … Continue reading

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more dirt

It’s obvious that the problem of significant construction dirt on Shuter St is not taken seriously by Councillor McConnell or by TCHC. Dirt control techniques promised 9 months ago for the Sackville St entrance to the Regent Park construction site … Continue reading

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