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Shuter St history

The map on the left is a reproduction from the 1858 book “The hand-book of Toronto“. It shows North Park St, running from Sumach to 1 block west of Berkeley. (Also this map shows a street called Sidenham, located just … Continue reading

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Old Toronto

If you live in one of Trefann Court’s older houses, and are curious about its history, fire insurance plans are one source of information. These plans provide detailed information about buildings and neighbourhoods. They can be used to determine when … Continue reading

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Trefann Court history

The Trefann Court Residents Association has a long and colourful history; its founding meeting was August 11, 1966. Earlier in their respective careers, four ex-Toronto mayors helped organize this neighbourhood: David Crombie, John Sewell, June Rowlands and Barbara Hall. The … Continue reading

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Corktown’s Irish connection

Why is our neighbourhood area called “Corktown”? A quick answer appeared awhile ago in Toronto Life. Local historian Bruce Bell wrote a more extensive explanation in an Aug 2005 Bulletin article. Here is an excerpt. “One of Toronto’s “newest” neighbourhoods … Continue reading

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St. Paul’s Church

This excerpt, from an article which appeared in the Dec 23rd Globe+Mail, provides some history of St. Paul’s Church (83 Power Street, just off Queen east of Parliament). … I chose St. Paul’s, partly for its square Tuscan tower and … Continue reading

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CRBA History

The Corktown Residents and Business Association (CRBA) has been around for awhile. Drew Russell (who lived on Sackville St.) was involved with the Corktown Association in 1975-1980, and was its first president. Joyce McNulty (also from Sackville) succeeded him as … Continue reading

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