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school re-opens

After 2 years of renovations (and $8 million over budget), Nelson Mandela Park Public School finally reopened March 19, 2013. The school’s official opening was June 10, 2013; no one from the community was invited (although we endured 2 years … Continue reading

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BIA? – up to local businesses

As a course project, a team of Ryerson undergrad students recently studied the “opportunities for enhancement of the public realm, a strengthened business base, and a safer community for Corktown”. As one of the few Trefann Court residents who attended … Continue reading

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Toronto needs municipal electon reform, badly

” Better Ballots aims to explore options that deliver a better result when we go to the polls. Should there be term limits, municipal parties, or a “ranked ballot” where you place your first, second, third, fourth choice from among … Continue reading

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Tires, TVs and taxes

After a recent trip to the Home Hardware in Cabbagetown, I discovered out there is a separate tax in Ontario for pesticides! Try searching the official provincial government website for “eco-fee” and I doubt that you’ll find any info about … Continue reading

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Corktown Association meets with Pam McConnell

Councillor McConnell spent a full hour talking at last night’s Corktown meeting.  She is a member of the city’s Labour Relations Committee, and so is involved in strike negotiations (although, according to today’s Toronto Star, that “committee hasn’t met since … Continue reading

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Trefann’s Community Spirit

A wonderful thing has happened in Trefann. Since the start of the City Workers strike, many neighbours and friends have come out and cleaned our little community. Walking up Sumach street, it is not unusual to see a few people … Continue reading

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Cabbagetown South meets with Councillor McConnell

Councillor Pam McConnell and her assistant met for a full 2 hours on Oct 8, with approximately 15 residents who live in Cabbagetown South. (It seems that a strong, well organized residents association can have sufficient influence to warrant regular … Continue reading

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The sign at Jessie’s (Centre for Teenagers) was recently changed to the June Callwood Centre (for Women and Families); see their website for details. Update Jan 2020): Their website has since been renamed; building signage has also been updated. … Continue reading

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photo op – Regent Park garden

A local “photo opportunity” Aug 22 for our city councillor Pam McConnell (and also for the new boss at Police 51 Division, Superintendent Kimberley Greenwood): the unveiling of an attractively landscaped pie-shaped piece of land immediately north of the crosswalk … Continue reading

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alternative to bigger bins?

Toronto wants everyone – downtowners as well as suburbanites – to use large wheeled bins for recyclables, garbage (and eventually, a 3rd large bin for organic waste). This plan was approved in June 2007, but until recently, no recognition that … Continue reading

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