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Blue bin update – out of sight, illegal dumping

In a recent letter, Councillor McConnell writes: “It is not the intention of the [blue bin] program to force residents to store bins in their front flower gardens. If you cannot reasonably accommodate your blue and/or grey bin, you have … Continue reading

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Cabbagetown South meets with Councillor McConnell

Councillor Pam McConnell and her assistant met for a full 2 hours on Oct 8, with approximately 15 residents who live in Cabbagetown South. (It seems that a strong, well organized residents association can have sufficient influence to warrant regular … Continue reading

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fee for garbage

The city’s information flyer about the new garbage bins explains the garbage fee and tax rebate; did you know that the rebate applies in future years too (not just 2008)? Glen Gustafson (Councillor McConnell’s assistant) explains: ” Because of Provincial … Continue reading

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Who qualifies for bin exemption?

Finally, there is recognition by City Hall that some residents have no storage space and cannot accommodate any size of bin: “In some extremely problematic situations, residents may require a bag system for collection“, quoting Ward 28 Councillor McConnell’s March … Continue reading

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alternative to bigger bins?

Toronto wants everyone – downtowners as well as suburbanites – to use large wheeled bins for recyclables, garbage (and eventually, a 3rd large bin for organic waste). This plan was approved in June 2007, but until recently, no recognition that … Continue reading

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