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Twice a year, the Trefann Court Residents Association (TCRA) will invite everyone in the neighbourhood to a general meeting. A meeting agenda will be available in advance, and meeting minutes will be prepared – both will be available on this website. In addition, TCRA may organize meetings about specific issues affecting our neighbourhood.

Periodically, TCRA’s newsletter will be delivered door-to-door; electronic copies of all printed newsletters are also available on this website. For the most current information, residents are encouraged to check this website, or contact us via email. Another source of neighbourhood information is the our Trefann e-news list, which is also “free for all” (in more ways than one).

Initially, TCRA will not charge membership fees, although the association will need some source of funds to pay for the website, printing of newsletters and flyers, etc. At some future time, TCRA may provide some “members-only” features, such as a facility for electronic information sharing and discussion.


Meeting minutes

Feb 2008

July 2008

Feb 28, 2008