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Ward 29 14 Cycling

Avid cyclists may be interested to know that Ward 29 has its own cycling committee – check it out. Update Feb 2020): Ward 29/30 became Ward 14. Ward 27/28 became Ward 13; here are links for the Toronto Centre bike … Continue reading

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conflict of interest

The following letter was submitted to the City of Toronto.  At its June 23 meeting (which was postponed), the City (as planner) was considering approving yet another substantial increase in allowable heights for Regent Park redevelopment (where the City is … Continue reading

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Regent Park Phase 2

In rebuilding Regent Park, the city is planning a mix of subsidized housing (also known as RGI:  “rent geared to income”, or rental) and “market value (or “owned”) housing.  The city also talks about an “affordable ownership” option:  some sort … Continue reading

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