For several years, Corktown has had both a website and an email discussion list. Percy Street residents recently announced their own electronic presence, implemented using blog software. And then the mysterious FWIS surfaced. So here’s (another) attempt at a blog for our neighbourhood: news, upcoming events, issues affecting our neighbourhood. (To provide initial content, and as reference, some information originally shared on the email list has been repeated in this blog.)

“Blog” entries are made in journal style, displayed in reverse chronological order. Typically, there are a few “authors” (who will endeavor to contribute “frequently”). A blog is like a newspaper; once entries are posted, they are never deleted and rarely updated (only to correct obvious errors); additional information will appear in a new blog entry. Each blog entry may contain text, images and links to other relevant web pages.

Blog entries can be viewed chronologically, by category or by author (assuming there are several); one can also search blog entries by keyword. Readers can enter comments on any of the blog entries. Hopefully information will be easy to access using these blog features.

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