SuWaDoSh picnic

Approximately 40 residents from Sumach, Wascana, Douglas Co-op and Shuter (take the first 2 letters of each street name: SuWaDoSh) gathered in Stinky’s Park (Shuter & Sumach) at noon on Sunday July 15 to enjoy a sunny summer day, to chat, and to share some wonderful lunchtime food: bbq hotdogs, hamburgs and ribs, quiche, grilled Indian chicken, veggies, salads, mango, cheesecake, and more. Many neighbours meet frequently in this park during their dog-walking excursions; this pot-luck picnic enabled more leisurely socializing. Local businesses donated items for lunch or for the raffle: thanks to The Dominion on Queen, Gourmet Bun, Pete’s Open Kitchen, River Towne Deli, Savoury Grounds, IRCPA, Shoppers Drug Mart, Kids Inc. and The Cookie Store. (Additional raffle items were provided by the residents.)
Justin did an exquisite job manning the grill. And a big thanks to Jennifer Kent, who made this event happen: she pursuaded businesses to donate items, co-ordinated choice of potluck foods, and distributed flyers to remind everyone of this event. This 2nd annual SuWaDoSh was even bigger and more successful than last year; let’s do it again next year!

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