Trefann’s community spirit

2009-park.jpgA wonderful thing has happened in Trefann.

Since the start of the City Workers strike, many neighbours and friends have come out and cleaned our little community. Walking up Sumach street, it is not unusual to see a few people out on the street, picking up litter, offering to drive their neighbours’ garbage to a transfer station, sweeping up sidewalks, laneways and driveways. Strolling along Shuter and Tracy Streets, you see the same thing happening. Neighbours helping each other and keeping Trefann clean and tidy.

Last evening, one resident went so far as to transport their ‘ride-upon’ lawn mower down from their cottage and mowed the entire grass area of Stinky’s Park. He did this so the rest of the community could continue enjoying our park.

His actions have motivated others to organize a small ‘clean-up’ party this weekend. We have transport to the transfer station. We have donated garbage bags. We have the will to see this strike through.

I know I’ll be there and hope to see you too.

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Trefann Court resident / activist always enjoying the sightseeing around our neighbourhood
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