2006 campaign donations for city councillor

Councillor (and mayoral candidate) Rob Ford seems like a straight forward guy, and is not afraid to get into the details. For example, his website gives easy access to 2006 political contributions for each councillor. According to that information: Pam McConnell had 130 unique donors in 2006; the average donation amount was $306. She received a total of $39,825 in donations. A breakdown of donation amount and # of donors: $750 (7 donors), $600 (4), $500 (9), $450 (1), $400 (4), $350 (2), $300 (49), $250 (1), $200 (41), $150 (11), $125 (1).

We compared a map of Ward 28 boundaries to the Toronto postal code map; it seems that approximately 45% of her total donation amount came from outside of Ward 28. For fun, see how many influential Torontonians that you recognize on this list. We’ve added hyperlinks for the ones that we know. Email us if you recognize any of the others. This analysis is available in Excel or PDF formats.

Here are the election results from 2006.  Ward 28 candidates for 2010 so far:  Howard Bortenstein, Eric Brazau, Pam McConnell.  (Howard, Eric:  start saving!)

All contribution details are for information purposes only. As explained on Rob Ford’s website, “the descriptions and amounts have been prepared on a ‘best-effort’ basis using records obtained from the City of Toronto Elections website.”

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