Shuter St sidewalk

Well, we finally have real smooth cement sidewalks again on Shuter.  This is a big improvement over the uneven ashpalt patched walkway, which we had to endure for exactly 11 months (see photos: Oct 27, 2009; Sept 29, 2010). For some unknown reason, last fall a replacement watermain was placed underneath the sidewalk instead of the usual location – beneath the street. (We emailed Pam McConnell and inquired why; no response). Some private walkways were damaged by this construction; a resident emailed Pam in June 2010 asking when repairs to her property would be made (again, our city councillor and her 4 staff were too busy to answer). Who knows when Sumach St sidewalks, also torn up last year for watermain construction, will be restored to normal.

Update, April 2011):
the very uneven sidewalks on Sumach St. were reported in April 13 Toronto Star

Let’s see how long it takes for permanent repairs. And whether they also repair similarly uneven Sumach sidewalks north of Queen. The city’s response is amusing (“utility company”); since the sidewalk damage was done by the city itself, when replacing water main 16 months ago: ‘ … poor condition “most likely stems from a temporary utility-cut repair.” If so, the utility company will be contacted to make remedial repairs ‘

Sumach sidewalks were dug up at the same as Shuter St: Oct – Dec 2009. Shuter sidewalks were repaired 6 months ago, after repeated complaints

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