Shuter St. sidewalk

Well, we finally have real smooth cement sidewalks again on Shuter.  This is a big improvement over the uneven ashpalt patched walkway, which we had to endure for exactly 11 months. For some unknown reason, last fall a replacement watermain was placed underneath the sidewalk instead of the usual location – beneath the street. (We emailed Pam McConnell and inquired why; no response). Some private walkways were damaged by this construction; a resident emailed Pam in June 2010 asking when repairs to her property would be made (again, our city councillor and her 4 staff were too busy to answer). Who knows when Sumach St sidewalks, also torn up last year for watermain construction, will be restored to normal.

sidewalk-before.jpg sidewalk-after.jpg

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  1. Trefann says:

    the very uneven sidewalks on Sumach St. were reported in April 13 Toronto Star:

    Let’s see how long it takes for permanent repairs. And whether they also repair similarly uneven Sumach sidewalks north of Queen. The city’s response is amusing (“utility company”); since the sidewalk damage was done by the city itself, when replacing water main 16 months ago: ‘ … poor condition “most likely stems from a temporary utility-cut repair.” If so, the utility company will be contacted to make remedial repairs ‘

    Sumach sidewalks were dug up at the same as Shuter St: Oct – Dec 2009. Shuter sidewalks were repaired 6 months ago, after repeated complaints

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