fee for garbage

The city’s information flyer about the new garbage bins explains the garbage fee and tax rebate; did you know that the rebate applies in future years too (not just 2008)? Glen Gustafson (Councillor McConnell’s assistant) explains:

” Because of Provincial legislation, the City cannot simply remove the cost of solid waste from the property tax bill (which would greatly simplify things). Instead, every year on the water bill, every household – regardless of the size of the bin – will receive a $209 rebate. This is the cost of solid waste. Next on the water bill will be the user fee. For those who use the small bin, that user fee is $199/year, which will result in a net rebate of $10/year. For those who require the medium bin, the user fee is $248/year, resulting in a net cost of $39/year, and so on.

Every year, you will see on your water bill a rebate and then the user fee charge. Like any other user fee, these will likely be reviewed every year during the operating budget process. If, at some future date, the province amends legislation to allow municipalities to remove the cost of services from property tax bills, you would likely no longer see the rebate on your water bill but on your property taxes. “

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