Trefann withdraws from CPLC

After months of debate, discussion and recollection of fond memories, Trefann Court formally withdrew its membership from the Toronto Police 51 Division CPLC on June 16, 2008. This letter was both read out loud at the CPLC meeting, and handed to the Superintendant of 51 Division.

If anyone has any questions, comments and/or concerns, please feel free to contact any member of the Steering Committee.

June 12, 2008

Toronto Police Service
51 Division
51 Parliament Street
Toronto, Ontario

Attention: Superintendent

Re: Community Police Liaison Committee (the “CPLC”)

It is with regret that the Trefann Court Residents Association (“TCRA”), a founding member of the 51 Division CPLC, has determined that the TCRA is withdrawing its membership in the CPLC effective immediately. A resolution to withdraw from the CPLC was passed at the last meeting of the Steering Committee

The TCRA Steering Committee has concerns that the CPLC appears to openly endorse the Toronto Drug Strategy without proper discussion and without any input being obtained from the organizations that make up the CPLC. Advancing the Drug Strategy is not among the stated goals or objectives of the CPLC and, in our view, the Toronto Drug Strategy will have a material negative impact on our community.

The TCRA Steering Committee is also frustrated with the apparent unwillingness of the CPLC to discuss and address drug-related issues. These issues are, in the view of the TCRA’s Steering Committee, of fundamental importance to our community and should be addressed by the CPLC. The CPLC should exist to address all of the concerns of the member organizations such as the TCRA and no issues, no matter how political, should be “off the table”.

The effectiveness of the CPLC has, historically, resulted from taking a proactive approach to issues and concerns facing the community and the open discussion of all issues raised by member organizations. Where issues as fundamental as drugs and the impact that they have on our community are “off the table” it is impossible, in our view, to work together in identifying, prioritizing and problem solving of local policing issues, or be proactive in community relations and crime prevention ­ two of the fundamental objectives of the CPLC.

We are also concerned that TCRA’s representatives on the CPLC have reported that the “official” minutes of meetings of the CPLC meetings might not accurately and fully reflect the discussion at CPLC meetings. The minutes of CPLC meetings must accurately reflect all discussions at the meetings and no individual should control what is reflected in the minutes of CPLC meetings.

The TCRA remains committed to working with the Toronto Police Service to provide a safe, welcoming community for everyone who lives in, works in, or visits Trefann Court

Yours truly,
Trefann Court Residents Association

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