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chop away with impunity

Ward 28 appears to be the “Wild East”, in terms of disregard for the city’s tree bylaw by a few residents, and lack of bylaw enforcement by the city.  The city’s Private Tree By-law is intended to preserve significant trees … Continue reading

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Corktown music

As reported in the Star, Toronto’s ukelele players gather every week to play at the local Dominion Hotel.

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Toronto needs municipal electon reform, badly

” Better Ballots aims to explore options that deliver a better result when we go to the polls. Should there be term limits, municipal parties, or a “ranked ballot” where you place your first, second, third, fourth choice from among … Continue reading

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tires, TVs and taxes

After a recent trip to the Home Hardware in Cabbagetown, I discovered out there is a separate tax in Ontario for pesticides! Try searching the official provincial government website for “eco-fee” and I doubt that you’ll find any info about … Continue reading

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dump everything in the East Downtown

The July 21 Toronto Star reprinted a chart showing the capacity of existing and planned temporary garbage dumps in Toronto. Throughout most of the city, dumps in parks are limited to paved areas (to limit leaching of nasty toxins into … Continue reading

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Corktown Association meets with Pam McConnell

Councillor McConnell spent a full hour talking at last night’s Corktown meeting.  She is a member of the city’s Labour Relations Committee, and so is involved in strike negotiations (although, according to today’s Toronto Star, that “committee hasn’t met since … Continue reading

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SuWaDoSh picnic #4

The 2009 picnic is planned for July 12  @ 1-3pm (raindate:  July 19).  As always, it is potluck; bring some delicious food.

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Trefann’s community spirit

A wonderful thing has happened in Trefann. Since the start of the City Workers strike, many neighbours and friends have come out and cleaned our little community. Walking up Sumach street, it is not unusual to see a few people … Continue reading

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Ward 29 14 Cycling

Avid cyclists may be interested to know that Ward 29 has its own cycling committee – check it out. Update Feb 2020): Ward 29/30 became Ward 14. Ward 27/28 became Ward 13; here are links for the Toronto Centre bike … Continue reading

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conflict of interest

The following letter was submitted to the City of Toronto.  At its June 23 meeting (which was postponed), the City (as planner) was considering approving yet another substantial increase in allowable heights for Regent Park redevelopment (where the City is … Continue reading

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