Regent Park – Feb 2011

Here is an official summary of Regent Park redevelopment:

In case the above links no longer work, here is a copy of those pages, as of Feb 18, 2011:  about and building profiles.

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added July 27
This Phase 2 report provides a good summary; it is dated July 2010, but the Trefann Court Association just received this link from the city. (If the above link doesn’t work, the report can also be found here.) This comment offers one interpretation of the above report; also the following highlights:

page 3 of the report: “TCHC should … [explain] how the remaining replacement social housing units and especially the large-family units are expected to be accommodated on-site over the remaining phases of the revitalization
This is scary; is there really no plan yet for the location of the remaining 1000+ units, housing 4000+ residents (since these units are mostly 3, 4, 5 bedroom)? If it’s left up to the private developer, won’t all of these RGI family units be concentrated in less desirable corners of the Regent Park site? (ie. any location where a condo isn’t “marketable” – think River St). Doesn’t that fail to achieve the primary objective of an integrated community?

page 12: “[maximum] 312 [RGI] units to be located off-site” – why this restriction? Again, contrary to the objective of integrating social housing units throughout the broader community. Aside: the 12 Phase 2 units are on the west side of Regent St (site previously used by the old 51 Division police station), so they are barely “off-site”.

tables 1, 2, 3 (page 11-14): the “old” Regent Park had 2,083 RGI units; so far 1,052 of them replaced (740 units “on-site”), and almost all of them were the “easy” ones: bachelor, 1 + 2 bedroom units.

page 16: revised completion dates for community facilities: Big Park (Dec 2011), pool (Dec 2012), Community Centre (Dec 2012)

page 16: mentions 14 Blevins, which was to be restored; unclear whether that is still the plan

page 17: “Tree Inventory and Preservation Plan Report …includes an inventory of existing trees and identifies those proposed to be removed and those recommended for protection“. However, if you visit the Phase 2 site, there are no trees to be seen.

Update, Oct 2011):
from Claudio (Shuter St resident):

Concentration of social housing condos north of Shuter St: it’s all in the above Phase 2 report.

Basically they have grouped the market condos, (the prime real-estate) near Dundas, because of the aquatic centre, park and community centre there is not much room left for housing in phase 2.

TH housing units will be built in blocks 20 and 22, replacing 444 demolished TH units. I would imagine that the bulk of it will be on block 22, because block 20 is one tower at 22 meters in height Block 22 will consist of town homes and a condo tower which is 30 meters in height. Of these 444 units 12 will be built offsite and the remainder 335 will be built in phase 2 mostly on block 22. as previously stated, behind the Macedonian church.

The townhomes will be mostly 4, 5 and 6 bedrooms, because most of the 2 and 3 bedrooms have been built in phase 1, leaving a gap in these types of units that must be replaced, no doubt in phase 2 .

So one large area from Regent Street to Sackville Ave. and from Sutton to St. Davids walk will be replacement units. This is explained on pages 11 and 12 in the pdf.

Please note that they will build or have built more than half of the Regent Park replacement quota in phases 1 and 2, off and on site already for a total of 1052 units combined. My question to the city and it’s planners is why must they cap offsite replacement units at 312 ??

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