Regent Park – March 2011

block numbering for Regent Park redevelopment
Regent Park planned completion, as of 2012

On March 17, several Shuter residents met with TCHC staff, to get an update on the status of Regent Park phase 2 development.  According to TCHC:

  • 444 existing units to be demolished during phase 2 (demolition almost complete)
  • reconstruction to be completed by Q4 2015
  • construction to start near Dundas, then move south, block by block, to Shuter
  • rental (ie. RGI and affordable units) planned for block 20, block 22
  • condo (ie. market-priced units) planned for block 21
  • construction has begun on the aquatic centre, estimated cost is $13 million, to be completed by Q4 2011
  • community centre to be built on block 38, for an estimated cost of $27 million, to be completed by Q4 2012
  • school renovation to be completed by Q4 2012
  • TCHC stated they had not yet made any decision for the development of block 23 (whether condo or rental) for another 6 months; possible that it might be condo (since quota for RGI for phase 2 may have already been satisfied via development of other blocks).  Block 23 is zoned for 22 meter height (8 stories), significantly higher than the existing 2-3 story rowhouses across the street in Trefann Court.
  • existing housing on block 36 hasn’t yet been demolished; TCHC doesn’t have any definite plans for renewal of this block

Thanks to Claudio on Shuter St for making this meeting happen; thanks also to TCHC staff for a very informative presentation and discussion.  The Trefann Court Association looks forward to ongoing information sharing meetings with TCHC.

Update, March 2011)
from James (Queen St resident):
This article is great thank you. Because of the overabundance of community housing in our area, I really hope that Block 23 becomes market-priced condos. I am actually way less concerned with height than I am with usage. (It seems to me that the outskirts of the new areas being built that are near to Corktown/Trefann get the low-income investments and enough is enough 100’s of units ago.)

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