Corktown Association history

south on Parliament, at QueenThe Corktown Association has been around for awhile. Drew Russell (who lived on Sackville St.) was involved with the residents-only Corktown Association in 1975-1980, and was its first president. Joyce McNulty (also from Sackville) succeeded him as president in 1981. Sassy Waddell and John Libby (who both still live or work in the neighbourhood) were also on the Corktown executive during the early years. Corktown initially rented meeting space at the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse. Past community meetings were also held at Dixon Hall. Corktown meetings have been at the Dominion Hotel since 1989 (which was the 100th anniversary of the hotel). Businesses were later admitted as members; CRBA (Corktown Residents and Business Association) was incorporated in 1995. According to my collection of old Corktown newsletters, other past presidents include Ruth Promislow (Feb-Nov 2006), Suzanne Edmonds (2005), Fran Dolan (2004), Chris Hutcheson (2002, 2003), Cindy Wilkey (2001), Babak Abbaszedah (1999, 2000), Radford Cook (1997, 1998), Helene St. Jacques (1992 ?) and Bill Eadie (1990).

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