Vinegar Lofts approved

Plans for Vinegar Lofts (19 River) were approved by Community Council on March 27. Currently, it is a three-storey industrial building, with a single storey at the rear of the property. The existing building will be retained with a 2 storey addition constructed on top, resulting in 36 live-work units.

19 River (front) 19 River (side)
(for larger versions of these images, see pages 9-10 of the planning report)

The city plans to include this building on its Inventory of Heritage Properties, to encourage the retention of the heritage attributes of the building while it is converted to residential uses. “This three-storey factory was constructed following the issuance of a building permit in 1907 and first recorded in the tax assessment rolls in May 1908. The Queen City Vinegar Company Factory has value as an example of an industrial building highlighted with features of Edwardian Classicism, the style popularized in the early 20th century. The historical importance of the Queen City Vinegar Factory is drawn from its association with the practice of Toronto architect, J. Francis Brown.”

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