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Sherbourne-Shuter puddle

We asked:  “The following problem has existed at the intersection of Sherbourne + Shuter, for at least the past 4 months. In the centre of the northbound lane of Sherbourne St, right at the interscetion of Shuter, there is a … Continue reading

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2010 municipal election

The election date is Monday October 25; the city’s official website provides useful info, such as where to vote, advance polls, getting registered, etc. There was an all candidates meeting Oct 13 (and another one on Oct 14), but otherwise … Continue reading

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Shuter St. sidewalk

Well, we finally have real smooth cement sidewalks again on Shuter.  This is a big improvement over the uneven ashpalt patched walkway, which we had to endure for exactly 11 months. For some unknown reason, last fall a replacement watermain … Continue reading

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Parliament St reconstruction

Parliament Street construction has dragged for several months, as the city replaces streetcar tracks from King northward to Dundas. This reconstruction has caused considerable disruption for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. financial hardship for local businesses, whose customers and suppliers rely … Continue reading

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park cleanup

Another spring has come and with that, another Community Clean-Up at Stinky’s Park. Although not as many people participated this year as did in the past, the park looks great.  Thanks to those who did show up: to do some … Continue reading

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2006 campaign donations for city councillor

Councillor (and mayoral candidate) Rob Ford seems like a straight forward guy, and is not afraid to get into the details. For example, his website gives easy access to 2006 political contributions for each councillor. According to that information: Pam … Continue reading

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developments – April 2010

A quick stroll around the “neighbourhood” to check on the current status of local developments (compare to Nov 2006, Nov 2007, Feb 2008, Jan 2009).  The 3 “Streetcar Development Phase 1″ buildings are nearing completion: 569 King E, 549 King … Continue reading

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community centre update

Kudos to the city for its extensive public consultations during the design process for the new Regent Park community centre. Flyers for Feb, March and April meetings were delivered door-to-door to the surrounding neighbourhood (presumably to Regent Park residents as … Continue reading

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Regent Park: What’s Happening?

The redevelopment of Regent Park was first announced in Oct 2004. Here is the original plan (5.5 mb). To summarize: demolish almost all existing housing; retain the existing community centre, health centre, ice rink, and 3 churches [237 Sackville, 509 … Continue reading

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murky waters

In 2004, our city leaders invested in a Toronto Indoor Pool Provision Strategy; the consultant’s final report offers 3 different options (scenarios); no indication on the city’s website which scenario was ultimately adopted. Also no indication whether the new Regent … Continue reading

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