Regent Park dirt

Look at these photos; our neighbourhood continues to get “substandard” service from the city. If they were considerate of the existing Trefann Court residents, TCHC and the City of Toronto would be making more effort to promptly clean construction dirt from streets surrounding the Regent Park re-construction, without repeated requests from residents.


Private construction sites:

  • have staff who immediately shovel / sweep mud from the street access to their construction sites
  • install “barrier cloth” to prevent dirt from clogging the sewers

Why doesn’t the city expect the same from TCHC? See photos taken Oct 12-13.

For the past month:

  • the sewer at the north-west corner of Sackville and Shuter has been clogged with mud
  • as a result, the street remains flooded for a week after each rainfall, and the sidewalk is impassible to pedestrians
  • the street hasn’t been washed, so passing motorists create clouds of dust, and accumulated dirt makes the bike lane unsafe
  • when street was washed in the past, mud just accumulated at the side of the road, since parked cars, and inadequate parking restrictions prevent sweeping all sections of the street
  • today, the dirt is 3-4 inches thick, on the road at the construction entrance immediately west of Nelson Mandella School

Two hours after Trefann contacted TCHC and Councillor McConnell about this problem, a street sweeping machine was at work on Shuter St. But TCHC’s site supervisor should be taking the initiative to promptly remedy such problems, without requiring ongoing complaints from Shuter St residents.

Update, Nov 2011):
TCHC’s project director provided this reponse today:

The measures for dust control are all outlined in the Phase 2 Construction Management Plan (CMP), and, in response to concerns earlier in the year, we had increased the frequency of the various methodologies outlined in the CMP. … In order to deal with the mud tracking and dust from the Phase 2 construction projects the following additional measures were agreed to:

  1. Placement of Calcite along sections of St. David and Sackville in order to help keep the dust to the ground.
  2. Scrapping of the dirt along the section of Sackville south of St. David to Shuter;
  3. Placement of signage along Sackville to decrease truck speed.

In addition, we will continue with the mechanism that were being implemented before which included:

  1. Street Sweeping along Shuter, Regent and Dundas (when applicable). Frequency has been twice a day and will be monitored;
  2. Street washing along Shuter, Regent and Dundas (when applicable). Frequency has been twice a day and will be monitored;
  3. Placement of filter cloth within all catchbasins along Regent Street, St. Bartholomew, Shuter and Dundas Street (where applicable). Checking and cleaning/replacing filter cloth on a weekly basis.
  4. Use of mud mats for trucks leaving the site.

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