Heritage Lighting Program

historic streetlightEver wonder where the City gets the money for the historic light fixtures which have appeared at random throughout Corktown during the past few years? Section 37 money of course (if you want, call it a “bribe” for extra density). The historic light fixtures are “nice”, but maybe the City could use the money for more basic items (like keeping our Community Centres open on Mondays).
Anyways, courtesy of the developers of a 19-storey (272 unit) residential building planned for 406 Adelaide Street East (1 block E of Sherbourne), the City will get:

  • $85,000.00 toward improvements of a nearby laneway (any leftover funds for Heritage Lighting)
  • an additional $245,000.00 for Heritage Lighting Program for the King-Parliament Community Improvement Area

(At the upcoming Nov 27 Community Council, the rezoning application for 406 Adelaide East will be considered.)

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