developments – Nov 2007

The townhouse project at the SE corner of Queen & St. Paul is nearing completion (pic #1).The Vineger Lofts, at 19 River (just N of Queen) obtained rezoning approval earlier this year; it seems that some renovation is underway (pic #2).The final planning report and rezoning application have not yet been completed for Streetcar Development‘s other proposed developments: 52 Sumach, 549 King E and 569 King E. For each loation, a 6 storey condo (42-44 units each) with underground parking is proposed, as well as 3-4 townhouses at the first 2 locations.Construction is well underway for “Townhomes of New(?) Corktown” (SW corner of Shuter and River) – see pic #3.Construction of the car dealership (pic #4) continues in the vicinity of Labatt & River. No sign indicating which car dealer will occupy this sizable building; supposedly Lexus pulled out after all the initial bad publicity. Two years ago (Nov 14, 2005), the retaining wall to the east of the Old Primrose Lane townhomes started to buckle, at the time this adjacent site was being excavated.The first step of the West Don Lands project (pic #5) is the construction of a flood protection berm; work started June 2007 and should be finished Dec 2008). The park is scheduled to be built March 2008 – March 2009. It will likely take 8-10 years to complete construction of the 6,000 housing units in WDL.Compare to photos from a year ago. Queen & St.Paul
19 River Shuter + River
car dealership - Labatt & Bayview
West Don Lands
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Update (Feb 2020):
Ministry of the Environment report for 567 Shuter (SW corner of Shuter & River)
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