Streetcar Developments – Phase 2

streetcar350x163.jpg 510king219x163.jpg
As shown on their website, Streetcar Developments has started marketing Phase 2 (510, 512 and 530 King E) of their Corktown developments in Aug 2007. The draft planning report (Feb 2008) provides some more details: an 8-storey mixed use building containing 185 residential units with retail at-grade fronting King Street East. 510 and 512 King Street East are contiguous buildings, which will be retained. 530 King Street East will be demolished. The ground floor will have commercial uses, with residential units on floors two to eight; the development includes underground parking. “The proposed built form and design of 510-530 King Street East consists of a two and three storey masonry podium reminiscent of the century-old industrial and warehouse structures that are an integral part of Corktown.

510kinge-map.gifThis development (see map) will be adjacent to properties on Queen and Ashby Place, and will occupy a large portion of the block bounded by Queen, Sumach, King and River.

Streetcar Development’s Phase 1 and Phase 2 plans are subject to the King Parliament secondary plan (which is part of the city’s Official Plan). Two relevant sections from that secondary plan:

  • The Corktown neighbourhood has a small scale, fine grained and unique physical form. It is a stable area where only gradual change, primarily through infill redvelopment which maintains the existing physical character of the area will be permitted (section 2.8 b)
  • the removal of existing surface parking will be encouraged (section 5.3 b)

(Originally posted Aug 2007; updated Feb 2008)

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