protected bike lane on Shuter St – completed ?

Shuter St, from River to Sherbourne, was completely rebuilt during the summer: the old roadbed removed, then new gravel foundation, concrete base, and two layers of asphalt (some sidewalks and curbs were also replaced). For the entire length of Shuter (west to Yonge), car parking was moved to the left of the bike lane, which is now adjacent to the sidewalk, and protected with concrete curbs and bollards.

At the Feb 2020 “Shuter bike lane” open house, several persons asked that the crosswalk be moved 20m east, to align with Sumach (where most persons currently cross). See right: the city plans show the crosswalk remaining in its existing location, and a photo taken July 7 shows “tactile walking surface indicators” embedded in freshly poured concrete sidewalk at the crosswalk’s existing location on Shuter; apparently the city forgot? to relocate the crosswalk! Fortunately, Facebook messages sent to our city councillor resulted in some action. Newly poured concrete sidewalks were demolished and then relocated (unnecessary waste), but at least the crosswalk is now properly located at the corner, where it will get more use!

Construction photos (looking east towards Sumach, unless noted otherwise)

July 14 – concrete baseJuly 10 – gravel foundationexcavation (Shuter/Ontario)

Sept 15 – curb deliverySept 14 – new sidewalk demolishedSept 2 – changed road alignment

Nov 13 – curved curbsOct 27 – completed crosswalk 

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