protected bike lane on Shuter St – 20 months later

Curbs for Shuter St protected bike lane were installed in Sept 2020, so this infrastructure is still less than 2 years old. The plastic bollards are flimsy, but let’s see how well the concrete curbs/steel posts have survived.
Photos when biking west on Shuter, from River to Church (19 in total):

Photos when biking east on Shuter, from Church to River (22 in total):

Photos are geotagged, if the city / 311 wants detailed locations. These photos were submitted to 311 (June 1) and to the city councillor (June 16); no response from either of them.

Considerable damage: cracked/broken curbs, curbs tilted/moved by trucks and snow removal equipment, metal spikes used to retain the curbs exposed (would hurt if you fell on one), yellow/black warning signs on islands dislodged, bent or missing. Think these will get fixed anytime soon? Maybe Toronto needs to use more durable construction for its protected bike lanes?

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