Ontario Line – Corktown walking tour

An “invitation-only” meeting on Aug 11 was revealed in a recent Metrolinx (MX) newsletter (no mention on Corktown, West Don Lands or our city councillor’s websites)

“Metrolinx hosted its first walking tour with the West Don Lands Committee (WDLC). The two hour tour kicked-off at the Corktown Common and concluded at the future Corktown Station, to be located at King and Berkley. Participants had an opportunity to ask questions about upcoming early works in the Don Yard, and traffic and pedestrian safety near Mill St. Next steps will include establishing a Construction Liaison Committee (CLC) for the Corktown Station, where members will have an opportunity to provide input.”

Some highlights from MX’s handout:

  • tunnelling starts second half of 2024
  • southbound curb lane of Parliament (south of King) to be closed for 7 years
  • tunnel excavation typically performed on a 20 to 24-hour basis, 5 days a week
  • when not tunnelling (typically 1-4 hours per 24-hour period), there will be maintenance activities, requiring some equipment at the surface to be operating (“ie. more noise”)

Below illustration shows immediately south of Corktown Common, where Ontario Line will emerge from the tunnel, to cross the Don River at grade.

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