TDSB flaunts tree protection (just like TCHC)

How tree protection works, as practised by TDSB

  • Day 1: start excavation without putting protective fence around base of healthy tree which would delimit root area where soil shouldn’t be disturbed. Citizen complaint made on day 1 at 9am by phone, photos also emailed to tree protection office.
  • Day 2-6: Dig down 4-5 feet using power equipment, very close to base of the tree, to cause lots of root damage.
  • Day 7: Replace soil, and firmly compact using power equipment, to further damage roots.
  • Day 8: Stop soil compaction activities when partially done, use chain saw to cut down tree entirely, dig out tree stump, load tree branches and stump into a bin and haul away all evidence of tree. Three hours later: no longer any evidence that tree was healthy, or even existed! (Citizen made followup call to 311 when tree removal started: advised that no update from tree protection office since original “day 1” complaint.)

So many of the city bylaws are enforced “by complaint”. Why bother complaining, if the city can’t / won’t respond? (Compare to TDSB’s tree caper in March 2011.)

These photos, taken Dec 13 and Dec 20, show exterior “landscaping” as part of the renovation of Nelson Mandela Park Public School.
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