more dirt

It’s obvious that the problem of significant construction dirt on Shuter St is not taken seriously by Councillor McConnell or by TCHC. Dirt control techniques promised 9 months ago for the Sackville St entrance to the Regent Park construction site were not implemented. That street is now torn up and trucks drive directly from a field of mud onto Shuter St.

In other downtown construction sites, staff use hand shovels and brooms to immediately remove large clumps of mud from the road and sidewalk – but the city-owned TCHC is seemingly too lax to enforce the same standards here. Trefann emailed Pam McConnell in Oct 2011 to complain about construction dirt; her executive assistants heard the same complaint during 2012 at meetings they attended Feb 29 and June 26 – and last month, when questioned at a Nov 6 neighbourhood meeting, Pam replied she had “no knowledge” of this problem. Bullshit!

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