Shuter St – aerial view

Nelson Mandela School (then called Park Public, built in 1915), is the one landmark which appears in every photo. (Click each image to view larger version)

1942: empty land west of Sackville (compare to 1949 photo)
1949: development appears west of Sackville, which was demolished by 1954. Shuter St (then called Sydenham) is a 2 lane road, ending at Sumach.

1954: Shuter St now extends east to River, and widened to 4 lanes. 90 Sumach (CBC warehouse), and some of the Regent Park high rises (eg. Blevins Place) have been built.

1967: Regent Park Phase 2 townhouses built along Shuter St. Sumach Park has appeared. Through streets within Regent Park have now disappeared: Sackville N of Shuter and St. David’s St (northern boundary of the school). Regent Park skating rink not yet constructed.
Larger version (click to view): Richmond, Adelaide ramps to the DVP, and Eastern Ave extension built. Sumach St veers west to connect to Cherry St.

1993: Wascana now extends eastward to River St.
Demolition of Regent Park (townhouses and high rises) didn’t start until 2011.

animated version

original aerial photos: 1942,   1949,   1954,   1967,   1977,   1981,   1989,   1993,   1998,   2005,   2012,   2019.

Update (Nov 2021):
The city’s mapping application also has satellite images for 2005-2020, which are higher resolution than Google Maps.
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